Inter Care Foundation

Family Programs

Inter-Care recognizes addiction as a family disease and the importance of providing services for all those who have been affected by a loved one’s addiction. We have seen time and time again what a vital role the family plays in the treatment process and that it is not the addict alone that needs help and support.

Family Orientation Program

The family orientation program helps engage the family with an introduction to the cycle of addiction, an overview of treatment modalities, strategies on how to heal as a family and information and referral for support groups and family counseling.

"The family orientation program opened so many doors for our family. We no longer struggle alone." - Wendy P.

"I cannot thank the Inter-Care Foundation enough for giving me my life back." - Deborah S.

Facilitator: Nick Lessa
Chief Executive Director, Inter-Care

Family and Friends Workshops

ICF sponsors skills building workshops throughout the year offering guidance and support to families and friends as they face the challenges of a loved one’s addiction.

"I thought I had lost my child forever. Thank you for giving my daughter back to me." - Megan C.


Improving Communication in Couples

This workshop teaches couples how to communicate with each other more openly and clearly, helping to shift them from conflict or distance to genuine intimacy. Participants learn effective principles and guidelines and have opportunities to practice these new skills with professional coaching.

Friday Workshops

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, ICF is currently developing a new series of workshops for families and friends. Topics will include Cycles of Addiction, Codependency, Enabling, Spirituality, Boundaries, Addressing Shame and Guilt, Mindfulness and Acceptance, Forgiveness, Social Support and Restoring Relationships.

The roadblocks to providing family treatment covered by insurance companies are staggering. Help us support the spouses, partners, siblings, children and all loved ones who come to us in pain and desperately need a guiding hand. DONATE to the Inter-Care Foundation today.